This is the guide book that Brien wrote for you as a primer before your first tour with us. It will give you a good background about the history of the Inca, as well as a clear description of their culture.

Available by e-mailing Brien at:

Read the first 20 pages for free:


Dear Brien
Your book is excellent -- succinct, informative, useful. I'll be delighted for you to be author of the month on my site some time in the next few months. Haven't I already put you in touch with Glenn Kreisberg who edits our AoM feature? If not please do contact him (cc'd herewith) to set this up.
Warm wishes
Graham Hancock

Author of "Fingerprints Of The Gods"

The book is not only amazing, it is a must to read .... When I read his book I knew that one day he will be a great author and yes little by little he is making his way.... so encourage my author and read and make him more great then he already is!!!

Sofie Campens, Begium

"Isn't it wonderful?  WHEN (I'm determined) I return to Peru I would love to have Brien as a guide.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  I've learned more from him on FB than I did having been there.  But nothing is more wonderful than the feeling and people of the country.  I just wish I'd had someone like Brien to enhance it all."

Lauren Rose USA

Well done Brien. I'm really pleased for you, what a brilliant accolade from Graham Hancock. You deserve to do well you've worked really hard for success.

Author of "The Children Of Odin"

Hi Brien,

I've posted a review of the book in my Suite101 blog – sorry it took so long, I've been pretty busy lately. Hope it's OK – I'll probably do another review in my HowtoPeru blog at some point. I'm planning a series on history books for people backpacking in Peru so it will fit in nicely. Let me know if you want any other related links included or anything else like that.

Thanks again for the book, it really is a good read. Let me know if you're ever heading towards Tarapoto!

Cheers, Tony.

"Brien, thank you for sharing this informative article with me. You follow your calling and share with us your encredible knowledge. Again, Thank you ! I look forward on reading more about your endeavors and being amazed by your videos and pictures. Congatulation on being the " AUTHOR OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER 2010 ". Love and well wishes, Christine."


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