"Tricia, from what I have come to know of Brien, I am so happy that he is offering this service.  I've not come in contact with anyone with more respect for Spirit, Peru and her people."

Lauren Rose, Ashville, North Carolina

 "Truly fantastic....I too affirm abundance and the opportunity to experience Peru with such a knowledgeable heart centered man....congratulations!"

"Thank-you Brian and true to your wisdom, forever humble and respectful.....huge blessings to you and anyone who gets to be on the tour with the two of you shall be blessed indeed. I will certainly pass this along to any seeking to go to Peru...again abundant blessings to you and all whom you love!"

Aria Squire, Saltspring Island, Canada

"This is a wonderful service to be offering to people who travel to Peru and want to truly experience the ancient and spiritual culture there.  A life-transforming opportunity!  "
Diana Robertson, Eugene Oregon 

Sensational Pictures and nice Homepage. If I have enough money to visit cuzco I will contact you for a special trip.

Alexander Knorr

"Qosco is a lovely place to be in, to explore ...  It can be a little hard the first day, but after that one can enjoy and have so much fun in all the sacred places that are part of this magical place. 
Brien you are an exception, you've enjoyed the place since the first day!!!!``

Irene Mendoza, Lima Peru

"Ultimately we need a full Americas tour, specially tailored by your good self, look forward to it :)"

Gary Pears, USA

"The finest and most comprehensive tour of the Sacred Valley." - Tom Vincent, Mendocino CA

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