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Offering exclusive guided tours to Sacred Sites in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley that most other tour operators, and even local people don't even know exist!

Who we are:

Jesus Gammara: Resident expert of Inca and earlier architecture and history:

The Origin Tour

Hector Contreras: Inca Spiritual master; he, like Jesus, know sacred places off the tourist map.

Jan Peter de Jong: Contemporary of Jesus, as in charge of all European Bookings:

Ancient Mysteries Explained

 "I totally agree with Brien about the hidden works of generations who pre-date the Incas that are in evidence wherever you travel in Peru."

Laurie Osman, USA

Contact info: Simple, just e-mail us about anything!   And everything!


Please check out these sample videos:

Inca Tunnel:  Watch The Video

Temple Of Seven Chakras: Watch The Video

Inca Ceremony: Watch The Video

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