Hundreds of tour companies in Cuzco can offer you trips to the famous ancient sites within the city and in the Sacred Valley, yet few have in depth local Native incite. We can say this, because we have taken many of these excursions. What prompted us to create our own unique experience was a need for greater and more in-depth knowledge, and with our team of local experts, you are guaranteed to go on journeys that few other companies can offer.

Temple Of The Rainbow:

This very special space is only for those who wish to have a truly transformational experience; it is not a tourist attraction. It has been the site of ritual cleansing and purification for thousands of years.

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Coricancha: Temple Of The Sun:

The epicenter of Inca culture and located in the heart of Cuzco, most tourist guides do not reveal the special power and representation of this place, but we do!

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Naupa: The Ancient One:

Few local people even know of this sacred place of meditation and worship located on an Inca Trail that has not been used for 500 years. Only true devotees are taken here.

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Moray: Offering To Mother Earth (Pachamama):

The event shown in this video only happens on August 1 of each year. It is described in most literature as an Inca plant experimental station, but there is far more to it than that!

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Chinchero: Temple Of Fertility:

Most visitors walk by this place and never know that it is there. Why? Because only those with open eyes and hearts can see it!

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Assorted Anomalies In And Around Cuzco: There are reported to be at least 5000 altars, most pre-dating the Inca, located around Cuzco. We know of some, come with us and discover the rest!

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